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Choose this comprehensive solution to launch sales on your website, in the mobile app, messengers, or social media quickly and easily

Benefits for businesses

We offer integration options for accepting payments for any sales channel. Choose the option that suits your business objectives.

  • Direct integration: suitable for those cases when the whole “Adding items to a shopping cart – Payment” interaction process takes place on your website.
  • Hosted integration: the customer’s payment is made on the Tranzzo payment page to which the customer is redirected from your online shop, in cases where it is not possible to collect payment data on your side.
  • Payment link: to accept payments even without a website or mobile app. Create a payment in the merchant portal, save it as a URL link or QR code, and share it with customers in a convenient way.
  • Mobile SDK: native payment acceptance in the mobile app without additional redirects of the customer to the browser.
  • Payments via Telegram: a payment page built directly into the messenger turns it into a full-fledged sales channel.

Features and services

  • Smart routing and cascading
  • Classic payment methods
  • Anti-fraud
  • Direct and hosted integrations
  • One-step payments and payments with pre-authorization
  • Payment card verification
  • Payment links and QR codes
  • Multicurrency
  • 3D Secure 2
  • Tokenization of card data
  • Collecting data on payers
  • Information on disputes (chargebacks)
  • Merchant portal
  • Branded checkout
  • Software-based cash registers
  • Transaction registers

Customer experience

How the payment process works on the online shop’s website or in the mobile app

  1. The customer adds goods to a shopping cart on your website or mobile app and proceeds to payment.
  2. The customer makes the payment.
    If you have a direct integration, the payment is made directly on your side.
    If you have a hosted one, the customer is redirected to the Tranzzo payment page. After payment, the customer sees the result page (optional) and returns to your website.
  3. You are informed about new payments and their statuses in the merchant portal or via webhooks.

How the payment process works in social networks

  1. The customer chooses a product and writes to you that they want to make an order.
  2. You create a payment in the merchant portal, save it as a payment link or QR code, and share it with the customer.
  3. The customer follows the link or scans the QR code to get to the Tranzzo payment page and pays for the order.
  4. After the payment is made, the customer can return to your social network page through an automated redirection.
  5. You track information about payments and their statuses through the merchant portal.

Diagram of Interaction

Схема взаємодії сервісів

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