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General information

The software-based cash register (SBCR) is an online service that facilitates the fiscalization of receipts with the State Tax Service of Ukraine. It serves as a digital alternative to traditional cash registers.

Peculiarities of the feature

  1. No additional devices required: The SBCR operates entirely through software, eliminating the need to purchase any additional hardware like classic cash registers or fiscal registers.
  2. Free of charge: The SBCR is included in the standard package of Tranzzo services, meaning there are no additional fees or costs associated with using the service.
  3. Simplified tax reporting: By utilizing the SBCR, businesses can easily handle tax reporting. The service automatically transfers data on opening and closing hours, as well as Z-reports, directly to the servers of the State Tax Service of Ukraine.
  4. The feature does not apply to transactions made with test projects.
  5. To issue a refund for a fiscalized payment created with information about products, the request must also contain information about the product that is being returned.

How it works

  1. A customer makes a payment in your shop.
  2. Tranzzo transmits the purchase data to the State Tax Service of Ukraine through the SBCR service provider.
  3. The customer receives a digital fiscal receipt, which can be verified for validity on the official website of the State Tax Service of Ukraine if needed.
  4. You can conveniently track the fiscalization data within your personal account on our SBCR service provider's platform.