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Transaction stages

To inform about the results of processing requests for creating payment sessions, we include payment status codes and a brief description of their meaning in webhooks.

The status codes typically consist of four digits and indicate the specific stage of the transaction. They provide information about the payment processing stage and describe any additional actions that may be required or the reasons why a transaction may have failed.

Depending on the status of the transaction, the status codes can be grouped as follows:

  • Transaction initiation stage (init).

    This status is common to all transaction types and indicates that we have received the request successfully, but no further action has been taken yet. For purchase and auth transactions, this status is obtained when the order is created and the payment page is generated (with hosted integration). A transaction that remains in this status for an extended period may suggest that the customer has not opened the Tranzzo payment page, or they have left the payment page without attempting to make a payment, or a failure has occurred during the transaction process.
  • Transaction processing stage (pending).

    This status is applicable to all types of transactions and indicates that the transaction is being processed by the bank or payment system. Payments that require 3D Secure authentication are also in this status.
  • Successful transaction (success) (final stage).

    This status indicates that the transaction has been processed successfully.
  • Unsuccessful transaction (failure) (final stage).

    This status indicates that the transaction has been rejected. The reasons for this may include specific errors at any stage of the payment process, such as incorrect payment data, activation of limits and checks, insufficient funds, and so on.