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Use the split payment service and other Tranzzo features to set up a convenient payment process for buyers and fast payments for sellers

Benefits for businesses

Split payments are our main solution for marketplaces. It allows the payment to be automatically split between several merchants (sub-merchants): immediately after the payment is made, the funds are credited to the accounts of the relevant sub-merchants.

The solution will be relevant for B2C and B2B marketplaces as well as for services that involve working with different counterparties within a single payment or use franchise.

Flexible split payment management
It is convenient to work with both the whole payment and its parts (sub-payments): you may use two-stage payments even when working with several sub-merchants, and make refunds even for the goods of an individual sub-merchant.
Automated fee distribution
The split payment fee is automatically distributed between counterparties in accordance with the terms of their cooperation with the marketplace. The fee is defined individually for each sub-merchant.
Easy reporting
Marketplaces and sub-merchants receive information about payments and settlements.

Features and services

  • Split payments
  • Wide choice of payment methods
  • One-step payments and payments with pre-authorization
  • Smart routing and cascading
  • Anti-fraud
  • Direct and hosted integrations
  • Payment card verification
  • Multicurrency
  • 3D Secure 2
  • Tokenization of card data
  • Collecting data on payers
  • Information on disputes (chargebacks)
  • Settlements with your sub-merchants
  • Merchant portal
  • Branded checkout
  • Transaction registers

Customer experience

  1. The customer adds goods from different sub-merchants to a shopping cart on the marketplace website or in the mobile app.
  2. The customer makes the payment.
    If you have a direct integration, the payment is made directly on your resource.
    If you have a hosted one, the customer is redirected to the Tranzzo payment page. After payment, if necessary, the customer returns to your website or mobile app, for example, to track the status of their order if necessary.
  3. Sub-merchants receive payments to their accounts in accordance with individual working terms and conditions.
  4. If the payment is made with pre-authorization, the payment amount is first held on the customer’s account and is actually charged (captured) later, after you confirm the withdrawal, for example, after checking whether the goods are available.

Diagram of interaction

Схема взаємодії сервісів

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