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Microfinance institutions

Check out our solutions for fast crediting and easy loan repayment

Benefits for businesses

Transferring credit funds to cards
Funds are transferred directly to the borrower’s bank card, as opposed to classic loan scenarios.
Quick turnover of funds
There is no need to wait for clearing to be completed. You can immediately use the funds credited to your account from borrowers to disburse new loans.
Borrower’s card verification
You have the option to verify the payment card before crediting the loan to make sure that the borrower has provided correct card details, the card is valid, and the cardholder is not on any blacklists.
Simple loan repayment
  • Card tokenization and the use of Apple Pay and Google Pay™ digital wallets make it possible to repay the loan amount in a few clicks.
  • There is available checkout with a free amount or reusable payment links so that the borrower can set the amount and make the next loan repayment by themselves.

Features and services

  • Classic payment methods
  • Smart routing and cascading
  • Anti-fraud
  • Direct and hosted integrations
  • One-step payments
  • Payouts
  • Payment card verification
  • Payment links and QR codes
  • Credit references
  • 3D Secure 2
  • Tokenization of card data
  • Collecting data on payers
  • Information on disputes (chargebacks)
  • Balance management
  • Merchant portal
  • Branded checkout
  • Transaction registers

Customer experience

Here is how crediting and repayment will look like for your customers.

  1. The client visits a microfinance institution or passes all the necessary verifications online.
  2. If necessary, the borrower’s card is verified to make sure that the data is correct, the card is valid, and the borrower is not on any blacklists.
  3. At your request, the agreed amount of loan funds is credited to the borrower’s card.
  4. The borrower disposes the loan funds credited to their card.
  5. Afterwards, the borrower repays the funds through the payment page of your microfinance institution. The borrower can make payment in a few clicks using a formerly saved card or via Apple Pay or Google Pay™ digital wallets.

Diagram of interaction

Схема взаємодії сервісів

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