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Connect payment solutions that help you to engage a wide audience of players and to make it easier to expand into new markets

Benefits for businesses

We have developed this set of services taking into account the tasks and needs of multi-brand iGaming platform operators as well as online iGaming operators.

Broad geographical reach of payments
Tranzzo offers 50+ payment methods using 30+ currencies. The service is available in 190 countries, including dynamically developing markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
Various ways to make payouts
These include both classic methods – to a bank account or card – and alternative payment methods.
Minimizing chargebacks
Anti-fraud and blacklist services filter suspicious payments and fraud attempts, reducing the number of disputes and chargebacks.
Simple business expanding
Tranzzo has 230+ partner banks and PSPs worldwide, so we can easily find the right payment solution and provider for the selected markets. We can also quickly integrate new payment methods upon request.

Features and services

  • Integration with partners
  • Classic and alternative payment methods
  • Smart routing and cascading
  • Anti-fraud
  • Direct and hosted integrations
  • One-step payments
  • Payouts
  • Payment card verification
  • Multicurrency
  • 3D Secure 2
  • Tokenization of card data
  • Collecting data on payers
  • Information on disputes (chargebacks)
  • Balance management
  • Merchant portal
  • Branded checkout
  • Transaction registers

Customer experience

  1. The customer goes to your website or mobile app to use the service they need.
  2. They choose a suitable method and make a payment.
    If you have a direct integration, the payment is made directly on your side.
    If you have a hosted one, the customer is redirected to the Tranzzo payment page.
  3. You receive the payment information in the merchant portal or via the webhook, the customer gets access to the product.
  4. If a customer wishes to withdraw funds from their balance on your platform, they initiate the payout on your website or in the mobile app.
  5. At your request, the payout is sent to the customer’s card or account.

Diagram of interaction

Схема взаємодії сервісів

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