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Payments via PIX

In order to enroll in PIX digital wallet in Brazil, a request to the Tranzzo API must contain the following parameters:

pos_idUUIDMerchant's identifier (POS_ID)
methodMETHODPayment method (credit)
amountNumberTransaction amount
currencyCURRENCYTransaction currency (ISO_4217)
order_3ds_bypassString3-D Secure flow option
order_idStringUnique identifier of order
descriptionStringPayment description
server_urlURLWebhook notification will be sent to this URL
result_urlURLCustomer will be redirected to this URL after payment.
properties.instrument_typeStringinstrument type (pix)
properties.instrument_methodStringinstrument method alias (pix)
properties.document_idStringpayer’s document number (CPF)
properties.pix_keyStringpayer’s pix key

The value of the payway parameter must be pix.

Request example:

"pos_id": "'$POS_ID'",
"mode": "direct",
"amount": 5,
"method": "credit",
"currency": "BRL",
"payway": "pix",
"order_3ds_bypass": "supported",
"customer_lname": "Doe",
"customer_fname": "John",
"customer_email": "[email protected]",
"customer_phone": "1234567890",
"description": "Test description",
"order_id": "'$ORDER_ID'",
"properties": {
"document_id": "50284414727",
"document_type": "CPF"
"server_url": "",
"result_url": ""