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Payment cards are a traditional payment method that is widely accepted worldwide. With this payment method, funds are debited from the customer's bank account linked to the card and transferred to the merchant's account.

The main types of payment cards are the following:

  • Debit cards are linked to an account where the customer's own funds are deposited, allowing the cardholder to make purchases within the limits of the available funds.

  • Credit cards enable customers to spend money borrowed from the issuing bank, up to a certain limit (also known as a credit line or overdraft), with the obligation to pay it back in the future along with interest charges.

  • Prepaid cards require customers to pre-load funds onto the card up to a predetermined amount or purchase a card with a specific denomination. The cardholder can then use the card to make payments within the set limits of the available amount.

Examples: Visa, Masterсard, UnionPay, JCB, RuPay, Prostir, Hipercard, Elo, HumoCard, Uzcard.

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