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Digital wallets

Tranzzo offers the option to accept payments through digital wallets, which are alternative payment methods. There are two main types of digital wallets that are commonly used today:

  • Pass-through digital wallets
  • Staged digital wallets

Pass-through digital wallets

Pass-through digital wallets are digital wallets that directly use payment card data to make payments. They do not require the customer to top up the wallet balance in advance, but instead, use the funds available on the linked card. This feature allows for a fast and convenient payment process in just a few clicks since the customer does not need to enter card data manually. This method also makes it easy to identify the payer without collecting information such as email or phone number.

Payment methods:: Apple Pay, Google Pay™.

Staged digital wallets

Unlike pass-through digital wallets, staged digital wallets require customers to perform additional actions to make a payment. These wallets do not use card data for payment, so to make payments, the customer should first replenish the balance of their own wallet. The second stage of their use involves the customer transferring funds from their digital wallet to your benefit. In other words, staged digital wallets act as an intermediary between the buyer (customer) and the seller (you). While providing enhanced protection of payment data and not requiring the use of cards, payment through staged digital wallets is less convenient than one with pass-through digital wallets.

Payment methods: IMPS, Paytm, PhonePe, PicPay, PIX, UPI, GG.