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To enable the Ukrainian payment method Privat24, you can use either direct or hosted integration.

When creating a payment with direct integration, send a request with the following parameters:

pos_idUUIDMerchant's identifier (POS_ID)
methodMETHODPayment method (auth or purchase)
amountNumberTransaction amount
currencyCURRENCYTransaction currency (ISO_4217)
descriptionStringPayment description
order_idStringUnique identifier of order
order_3ds_bypassString3-D Secure flow option
paywayStringOptional payway. Use "privat24" for processing direct payments through Privat24
productsArray[Product]Array of products to be paid
customer_idStringCustomer identifier in merchant's system
customer_fnameStringCustomer first name
customer_lnameStringCustomer last name
customer_emailStringCustomer email
customer_phoneStringCustomer phone
customer_ipStringCustomer IP address
customer_countryStringCustomer country (ISO 3166-1 (alpha-2)). For instance, UA for Ukraine
server_urlURLWebhook notification will be sent to this URL
result_urlURLCustomer will be redirected to this URL after payment.
merchant_mccMCCMCC for this transaction
payloadStringField for merchant custom data. Max 4000 symbols.
validation_urlStringPreflight request will be sent to this URL

Request example:

$ curl "" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-X POST -d '{
"pos_id": "${POS_ID}",
"mode": "direct",
"method": "purchase",
"amount": 1,
"currency": "UAH",
"description": "Order description",
"order_id": "123",
"order_3ds_bypass": "always",
"payway": "privat24",
"server_url": "",
"result_url": "",
"payload": "sale=true"

Please inform Tranzzo Support if you would like to use this payment method through a hosted integration.